Demand for homes is up and inventory is down. That's great for sellers but not for buyers, as competition between potential buyers fuels a bidding war, giving sellers multiple offers to choose from.

It may sound like it's difficult to find the right house at the right price. And it is, but not with Zigzy.

Zigzy understands what it takes to help you make a winning offer to get that house.

Step 1: How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent

With all of the latest websites and apps available now to find real estate listings, it may seem like you no longer need a real estate agent. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Good real estate agents know about homes that will be going on the market before they're even listed because they've built up solid working relationships with other agents. They also know the communities they're active in. Real estate agents will also have connections to great appraisers and title companies in your area.

So how do you find the right real estate agent to work with? Easy – let us help! We know the difference between true real estate professionals and "weekend warriors" (those only in the business as a hobby or for a little extra income). Simply complete your Zigzy evaluation form below and we'll help you get connected with a great real estate agent in your area.

Step 2: Make a Cash Offer

In today's hot real estate market, cash buyers are four times more likely to win in a bidding war than those using traditional sources1. Not only are you competing against potential cash offers from other homebuyers, but you're competing against investors with deep pockets as well. To keep you in the game, Zigzy can show you how to make a cash offer for your house, then you'll pay the money back once you've secured your Zigzy mortgage. There is only the cost of the house plus a convenience fee (which can be added to the total loan amount) for using this service. You can even rent your new home while you're in the mortgage process.

To take advantage of this innovative program, all you need to do is get an upfront mortgage pre-approval with Zigzy, then we'll show you how to make a cash offer to get that house. We'll keep guiding you through the process, making it easier than ever to navigate the tough market!

Step 3: Secure Your Mortgage

Once you get that house, it'll be time to get that mortgage. We'll match you with a loan officer in your area who can help you find the loan that's right for you. We offer all the most popular options, including Conventional, FHA, Jumbo, USDA, and VA loans. With our local loan officers, you'll be working with an experienced professional in your market. They know about local programs that could save you money. They also have great relationships with real estate agents in your area. The Zigzy team is also available to help answer any questions you may have through your loan's closing and beyond.

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