As the housing market heats up, so does competition for the best homes. Homebuyers aren't the only competition. You're also competing against investors with deep pockets. In order to beat them, you might just have to join them. You can level the playing field by becoming a cash buyer.

Why Become a Cash Buyer?

Cash buyers are four times more likely to win in a bidding war than those using traditional sources 1. Paying with cash is instant – and guaranteed. While becoming pre-qualified for a mortgage eliminates most risks, the funding could still fall through, leaving the seller high and dry.

Even in the perfect mortgage scenario, the process takes time. Sellers typically wait 30-60 days after agreeing to the sale before funds hit their bank accounts. Cash payments eliminate this uncertainty and dramatically speed up the process. In fact, sellers are so eager to work with cash buyers that studies show on average cash buyers will pay 11% less for their homes than those paying with a mortgage2.

How to Become a Cash Buyer

Of course, paying for a new home with cash is easier said than done for most buyers. Rarely does the average family have hundreds of thousands of dollars just laying around.

Zigzy solves for this by showing the buyer how to make a cash offer for a house. The buyer then pays the money back once financing is secured. There is only the cost of the house plus a convenience fee (which can be added to the total loan amount) for using this service. You can even rent your home while you're in the mortgage process.

Becoming a cash buyer is a great solution for buyers who are selling a current house to fund their new home purchase. As part of this program, buyers aren't required to sell their previous houses before they're able to move into their new homes. This gives them flexibility as both a buyer and a seller.

How Does the All-Cash Offer Work?

Zigzy starts by evaluating your needs, and then matches you with a loan officer who can help you get pre-approved for a mortgage. Then, once you've found your dream home, Zigzy shows you how you can make a cash offer on your chosen home.

Then you're ready to move in! Your loan officer will continue working with you to find the mortgage that's best for your financial goals. Once you determine which mortgage makes the most sense for you and it's approved, you'll begin making monthly payments as normal.

Getting Started

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