It has never been easier to find real estate listings and home values. With a few clicks or flicks on a screen, even a window shopper can unlock a mountain of data for any house, including house specs, sale history, and neighborhood comps.

Some homebuyers may have talked themselves into believing the role of the real estate agent is obsolete. That couldn't be further from the truth. You need an experienced agent in today's market – a trusted professional to help you get that house.

Why Use an Agent?

Just because you can potentially buy a house without a real estate agent doesn't necessarily mean you should. The housing market is more competitive than ever and working with a good agent can give you a leg up on the competition. Think about it: buyers who go it alone only have access to public information – the same information that everyone else searching for a new home has access to.

By contrast, well-respected real estate agents know about houses that are coming to the market long before they ever show up online. These "pocket listings" frequently sell immediately. Those who choose to go on their own may never even know about them until the moving trucks show up at that house.

All Agents Aren't the Same

There are as many as 3 million real estate agents1 working in the U.S. today. That leaves you with A LOT of choices. So, how do you pick the right one? You want to find a true professional who is knowledgeable and well-respected in your local area.

“Weekend warriors” who just dabble in real estate as a hobby or second job are unlikely to know about the pocket listings any quicker than they show up online. Additionally, listing agents may be hesitant to recommend offers from these agents to their sellers as they prefer to work with agents they trust to close the deal. After all, that's when both the listing agent and the seller get paid!

Finding the Right Agent

Now that you understand the importance of working with a trusted real estate agent, how can you be sure to find the one that's right for you? Easy! Zigzy can show you how to connect with an experienced, proven, and local in-market real estate agent at no cost to you. Plus, you may also be eligible to receive a lender credit to help lower your closing costs. The agents Zigzy works with are easily available to help answer your questions, offer personalized solutions, and assist you with your home search. It has never been easier to find the right real estate agent for you!

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