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Cash buyers win more and close faster.

Zigzy can turn your buyers into cash buyers. That helps them win the bidding war and close faster, and you know what that means for you.

Get cash offer approved

Get your buyer's offer accepted.

By working with Zigzy, you can help turn your buyers into cash buyers. That gives their offer the advantage in multiple offer situations. That's important when sellers are four times more likely to choose a cash buyer when there are multiple bids.1

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What does Zigzy offer real estate agents?

The Zigzy cash offer is designed to help you and your clients win in so many ways, including:

  • No fees for agents – No sacrificing commissions
  • Faster closings – Get your commission in days not months
  • Easier closings – Clients can buy before they sell their current home
  • More closings – Close more homes with cash offers
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Zigzy makes it easy.

  1. Get certified for the cash offer partner program
  2. Get your client pre-approved for a mortgage
  3. Help them find their dream home
  4. When they find it, make a cash offer
  5. Buy the home with cash through our partner program
  6. Your client moves into the home
  7. The home is sold back to your client

Get cash offer approved.

Let Zigzy help you.

Working with Zigzy can turn your buyers into cash buyers. Cash buyers are winning buyers. With Zigzy, they win and you win.